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Beyond The Dream - The Sin Against The Sinners ( 2009 )

Исполнитель:Beyond The Dream
Название:The Sin Against The Sinners
Стиль:Melodic,Gothic,Black Metal
Качество:320 kbps/44,1 kHz
Кол-во треков:13
Время звучания:55:47 мин:сек
Размер:132 Mb$CUT$


1. Foreword
2. Beautiful Little Storm
3. Ambassador
4. Fading Stern
5. Masquerade in Eden
6. Blinded
7. Banished from Wonderland
8. Freewill as a Souvenir
9. Lullaby for the Sleeping World
10. ...There My Heart Should Be
11. Mental Image on Fear
12. Engaged with the Wind
13. When Man Exists No More

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